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Notre Dame 33, Michigan State 30: Can This Be Considered A "Good" Loss?

You could put MSU fans in three camps right now:

Camp 1, The Optimists

As our family friend said last night, "When MSU got the ball in the 4th quarter with 5 minutes left, I knew they were going to win. Now of course, they didn't win, but I haven't felt that kind of confidence in years." He then went onto explain that MSU could win the Big Ten this year and that he liked Cousins a lot. Two losses by the skin of their Spartan teeth has emboldened these fans into believing Michigan State is not only on the right track, but ready for numerous victories this year.

Camp 2, The Pessimists

All this camp sees is another year of heartbroking meltdown losses, all the while being tempted by the supposed talent of a 7-5 Spartan squad. Close loss to CMU, a top 40 team nationally with an NFL-caliber quarterback? That's still a loss to CMU, or as one of the wonderful Spartan fans expressed, the biggest community college in Michigan. Close loss to ND and their future NFL quarterback? We had that game, Cousins blew it!

I got this from the Joe Rexrode message board, it pretty much sums up their thoughts - After last week's debacle against CMU , Coach Dantonio preached on the team being a family. Well coach it looks like your family is a bit dysfunctional. This is the third year of this era and I won't accept the excuse : "It"s a young team". Ugh. Here we go again. I fell for all the hype again. Sucker me.

Camp 3, The Wait And See Fans

I think this is the majority of Spartan followers. Happy that their laser-rocket throwing quarterback is leading the Big Ten in efficiency. Unhappy their defense is susceptible to QB's with big arms. Happy that the team isn't imploding due to mental errors and bad coaching, like usual. Angry that MSU might complete the Midwest Trifecta of Death (losses to CMU, ND, Michigan) for the first time since '91-'92. Excited to see Cousins throw to Blair White and Mark Dell. Extremely disappointed to go from #3 in our Big Ten Power Poll to much, much lower. Also angry that Spartan linebackers are guarding All-American receivers and running backs (H/T The Only Colors).