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Big Ten Power Poll - Post Week 4


We welcome Sippin' on Purple to the Blog Poll this week.  The addition of the hip-hop Northwestern blog (as blog-creator Rodger Sherman notes, because hip-hop references and Northwestern athletics go together like small academic institutions and gynormous athletic powerhouses) means that the Big Ten is now the only conference with a full roster of blogs in the SBNation.  That's something to take pride in.  However, these tacky collectibles are not something to take pride in...but they are all for sale in the SBNation shop!

1. Ff_284950_s_medium 126 (6) You're a team named after a nut.  Why are you marketing a nutcracker?  
2. Ff_382247_s_medium 122 (5) Because all children would love a ceramic keepsake of a bird with 1) teeth, 2) a bowl hair cut, and 3) a mono-brow.  
3. Ff_365594_s_medium 100 (1) It can hold the money needed to pay off RichRod's legal bills.  Or are those forgotten now that the team is 4-0?
4. Ff_226793_s_medium 98 At least these cups hold water better than the offensive line holds blocks.
5. Ff_257716_s_medium 90 Because even the Wisconsin fans will need eye black strips when they travel to Minnesota this year.
6. Ff_177510_s_medium 74 It may not look scary, but it moves well enough on the ground to churn out wins.
7. Ff_250571_s_medium 51 Indiana and a Scrubs top...too easy.
8. Ff_203989_s_medium 47 Actually, the team would tackle better without the oven mitts.
9. Ff_166473_s_medium 41 Seriously, a pumpkin carving kit?  I'm happy to let you know that no kit is necessary to carve up the Spartans defense.
10 Ff_372252_s_medium 29 Is that the ghost of wins past?  There doesn't seem to be a need for a ghost of wins present.
11. Ds_54031_s_medium 14 Yes, that spot is still blank.  Anyone interested in fillinig it?  Anyone?  Anyone???


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The Rivalry, Esq has reached out to the SBNation Big Ten bloggers to create this poll.  Its purpose: find a consensus as to the power of the Big Ten teams.  We invited each SBNation Big Ten blog to participate.  We will vote each week.  Invitations remain extended to the writers of Black Shoe Diaries and the Crimson Quarry to participate.