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Big Ten Power Poll - Preseason


The Rivalry, Esq has reached out to the SBNation Big Ten bloggers to create this poll.  Its purpose: find a consensus as to the power of the Big Ten teams.  We invited each Big Ten blog to participate.  We will vote each week.  Voters are listed after the jump, as well as some notes about the results.  Without further drama, lets tip our caps to expectations...

1 Ff_132058_s_medium 116 (6 first place votes) We expect nothing more than leading your team to its fifth straight conference title, Mr. Pryor.
2 Ds_99694_s_medium 112 (5) It looks like we expect it all to come down to an early November Saturday in Happy Valley...
3 Ff_119904_s_medium 96 We expect Iowa to rise above the most daunting conference road schedule in the league.
4 Ff_357327_s_medium 85 We expect the Spartans to show that their rise in the standings will have some staying power.
5 Ff_153224_s_medium 81 We expect the Illini to bounce back from last year's failings.
6 Ff_289119_s_medium 63 We expect more from Northwestern than the pundits did last year.  Last year you over-performed. Can you do it again?
7 Ff_153695_s_medium 48 We expect it to be a second straight middling year for the Badgers.  
8 Ff_153469_s_medium 45 I have a feeling that the average Michigan booster has greater expectations for the Maize and Blue than the average Big Ten Blogger.  I recommend that Coach Rodriguez live up to theirs, not ours.
8 Ff_158389_s_medium 45 We expect you to enjoy the outdoors.  We're not so sure that you'll win outdoors, but we expect you to enjoy it.
10 Ff_182634_s_medium 23 It's always good to start a new job where there are minimal expectations for immediate success, right Coach Hope?
11 Ff_177435_s_medium 12 We expect nothing from you, Indiana.  That means that the Hoosiers are officially the only team in the Big Ten that is allowed to play the "no respect" card.  Dangerfield had more.

Balloting Notes:

  • Only one voter kept Indiana from sweeping the 11th Place Votes.  Purdue was last on that ballot and 8th on another.  They were 10th on everyone else's.
  • Iowa was the only team aside from OSU/PSU to garner a second place vote.  They received 2.  They also received the most 3rd Place votes.
  • There are some definite groupings: PSU/OSU at the top.  Iowa, MSU, Ill as the next group.  Northwestern floats by itself, but then MN, MI, and WI are all very close.



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Invitations remain extended to the writers of Black Shoe Diaries and the Crimson Quarry to participate.