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Spanning The Empire....Your Saturday Conference Open Thread

A lot of storylines await us as we head into today's slate of games.  The marquee matchup is Ohio State travelling to Camp Randall to met Wisconsin, but you'll have to wait until tonight to see that game.  MIchigan State returns home after an emotional win on the road to face an Illinois team that's better than everybody thought they would be.  This is a classic trap game scenario for Sparty, but if they really have turned a corner, they will win this game, and convincingly.  

In West Lafayette, it's the Kobayashi Maru Bowl for Gopher fans today.  If you cheer for Ski-U-Mah, you cheer for Brewster to stay as coach.  If you Boiler Up, you go against your team, but you're actually cheering for the betterment of the Gophers in the long run.  Assuming, of course, that the next coach is a good choice.  No matter who you cheer for today, as a Gopher fan, you lose one way or the other.

Iowa travels to The Big House, and their defense is just as good as Michigan State's is.  Iowa's track record at Michigan isn't good, but Michigan's track record against quality defenses is worse.  It will be interesting to see how who overcomes their demons and gets out of there with a win.  And finally, Indiana gets a non-conference game against Arkansas State, which should get them within two wins of becoming bowl eligible.

Enjoy the games!