Beware Your Karmic Fate, Coach Dantonio


I was going to write a post hammering Michigan State University and Coach Mark Dantonio for the hypocrisy of letting the football team and Chris L. Rucker decide whether the multiple-time offender was reformed enough to play for Sparty this weekend. (In case you missed it, the team decided that the cornerback had, in fact, learned his lesson sufficiently enough to face the best wide receiver pair that Michigan State plays this season.) However, Maize and Brew Dave (over at the fortuitously named Maize n Brew) hit all of the right notes in his post. Go read it. It's the post that I would have written (if only I could have written it that well). Sparty has had a very special season so far, but the karmic football gods are fickle. Coach Dantonio, you've now given them permission to send their blessing to some other team.