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Spanning the Paul Bunyan Empire...Your Saturday Open Conference Thread

The second week of conference play finds the Big Ten with a couple of marquee rivalry games.  The one everyone is talking about is Michigan State (5-0, 1-0) visiting the Big House to take on Michigan (5-0, 1-0) for the Paul Bunyan trophy.  The other big rivalry game happens to be the oldest, most long standing rivalry in college football.  Minnesota will travel to Wisconsin as TImmy Brewster, Dead Coach Walking, tries to win his first ever Rivalry Game and bring home Paul Bunyan's Axe.  Your other games are Indiana at OSU (Paul Bunyan's toothbrush), Illinois travels to Penn State (Paul Bunyan's Wallet), and Purdue visits Northwestern (Paul Bunyan's shoe).  Iowa has a bye this week (Paul Bunyan's Vacation).

Enjoy the games!