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2010-11 OPC Bowl Edition: Complete List of Entries, Plus the Top 5 Non-Big Ten Bowl Matchups

See below for the complete list of the 34 entries for this 2010-2011 Bowl OPC. If you see a mistake in your entry, let me know and I'll make the change. For the "points scored in a BCS game" part, if you gave me 41-38, I just added the numbers up for 79. Jon will be doing the updates and scoring.

Bowl OPC Complete List of Entries

Big Ten-wise, you all picked our home conference to go 3-5. In what I would consider a surprising result, about two-thirds of you picked Penn State to beat Florida. I was not one of them. Almost everyone picked OSU, ho-hum, because we Big Ten fans have tremendous faith in that Buckeye defense even against Ryan Mallett. Just a few of you picked TCU, betting on an upset, but you won't get upset points because the Horned Frogs are #3 and Wisky is #4 in the AP poll. Most of you picked Mizzou - It's the safe play even though Iowa has tremendous talent/bowl experience.

Michigan(16) -Mississippi State(18) was split evenly. I'm sure you could all envision Denard breaking some long runs or the defense playing incredibly hard, knowing that Coach Rodriguez's job is on the line. I'm sure we could also see Michigan playing mistake-prone football and giving up 40 points. One intriguing thing to mention - For years we could count on Michigan physically pounding teams on both sides of the ball. This is surely not one of those Michigan teams.

Baylor was favored over Illinois, Texas Tech was favored over Northwestern 32-2, and finally, 22 of you picked Alabama to beat Michigan State.

Final comment - 27 of you picked Oregon to beat Auburn. Huh??!! Auburn is bigger, just as fast, played tougher games, and has Cam Newton. Was it the flamboyant jerseys or the cool "O" that swayed ya'll? Someone please lay out their reasoning for picking Oregon..

Oh and here are my five most intriguing Non-Big Ten bowl games:

- Auburn v. Oregon

- South Carolina v. Florida State

- Air Force v. Georgia Tech

- Stanford v. Virginia Tech

- Notre Dame v. Miami (FL)