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Where I Come From: EA Sports NCAA Football 2011 Available Now

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

Here is the EA Sports blurb...with my take after the break.

...When you go to a particular school or grow up around college football, you are more than just a fan. It’s who you are. We thought we could leverage this pride in your roots and show that "where you come from" is more than just a statement about geography. By positioning NCAA Football 11 as a game that understands this pride and is authentic to these traditions, the takeaway should be that anything that is in college football is in NCAA Football 11.

And this doesn’t just include game play (though that’s a huge part of it). It’s rivals and mascots; it’s legends and stories. It’s those things that are at the very fabric of the game itself. Of course the game is great this year as well. With authentic entrances, mascots and specific offenses for each team, the term "where I come from" takes on a much larger meaning. While playing NCAA Football 11 is ultimately a great sports sim, it should also give you a sense of the pride and emotion one has for being a fan of a team they will never not be a part of...

My take...

I don't have time nor the attention span to play video games. I also struggle with the philosophical aspect because I don't accomplish anything when I'm playing video games.


With that said, the time I have spent playing any of the NCAA Football EA Sports games has been time well spent. I suggest that you buy this game and do one or all of the following:

  • Pick your rival, play on the highest difficulty setting and go 4-8 while bonding with the traditions and fans of that school. Really a mind****.
  • Challenge yourself not to push "reset" when you're facing certain defeat.
  • Create a rivalry with a friend and beat him consistently. Then mention it every time you hang out.
  • Become so proficient at the game that you can take San Diego State to the cusp of a BCS game...only to watch them get screwed by the computers.

EA Sports and other supporting companies are helping SBN and TRE become great places for football analysis. They also put the proverbial food on SBN's table. But most of all, I want to thank all of you for helping make this series a success. Oh, and if you do buy the game, come back and write a review for TRE and we'll post it on the front page.