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Sparty Woah: Michigan State Defeats Notre Dame with "Little Giants"

Well then. MSU wins, just as everyone predicted, but in a manner which can only be described as "bizarre" or "survivalist". 3-0 is 3-0, except for the fact that MSU has been blowing these sorts of games since I can remember. So maybe they deserve to celebrate.


Here are some bulletpointed facts you need to know about this thrilling Spartan win:

  • Take a look at this game summary here. One team would score a touchdown, the other team would equalize, rinse, repeat...until State won it in overtime. You want to use the term "back and forth"? Exactly the game for that.
  • The fake was a mismashed thing of beauty. The kicker, Aaron Bates, was supposed to throw the ball to Le'Veon Bell, but he fell down along with a defender. Charlie Gantt, from legendary Birmingham Brother Rice High School in Michigan, was also covered...until his defender fell down, leaving Gantt wide open for the score.
  • The post game interview with Dantonio WAS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST thing I've ever seen. Want to know why? Mark is a dour man, really uninterested in press questions, press conferences, etc. But that goofy smile, along with the TMI "Little Giants" answer? That's as excited and uncut as you'll ever see Coach Dantonio...and that's what sideline reporters and on-field interviews are supposed to capture.
  • You want to know why Dantonio was showing so much emotion? He had just called a fake, at home, which would either win or lose the game. That was...gutsy.
  • So apparently the Spartans are serious about running the ball, because you just don't accidentally rush 43 times for 226 yards. Edwin Baker has obviously improved his balance, while Le'Veon Bell (physically) looks ready to be a star.
  • I'm unimpressed with Cousins pocket presence, as he took far too many unnecessary sacks, one that almost cost them the game in overtime. Throw the ball away or it's going to be a long year in the pocket.
  • State of Michigan 2, South Bend 0. And in the most heartbreaking fashion for the Irish too.