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Lift Me Up

The Big Ten has a new highest paid coach, as Iowa announced a contract extension with Kirk Ferentz last night. While there are various reports on the details, it appears that the annual salary is about $3.7 million each year, with retention bonuses for each year on the deal. This gives Ferentz a slightly larger deal than Jim Tressel, and moves Ferentz into the realm of the salaries of Mack Brown and Nick Saban.


Most importantly for Iowa it does two things
  1. It locks up Ferentz at a time when there are likely to be openings at Penn State and (possibly) Michigan in the next 2-3 years.
  2. It enables Ferentz to engage in the following conversation with Purdue's Danny Hope at the next Big Ten Coaches Meeting:
KF: Hey, Danny Boy! Remember how I make sooooooooooo much more money than you?
DH: Ummmm...yeah.
KF: Great! Here's $100 for remembering.
(Repeat 73 times through the course of the conference)

And that my friends, is how you treat an arch-rival. Viva La Iowa-Purdue Death Rivalry!