Looks Like We're Stuck With Legends and Leaders...


What do you know, I was wrong again. The Big Ten announced this morning that it will stick with the much maligned "Legends" and "Leaders" divisional cues through at least the 2011 season. And if you're wondering what ever happened with that "sustainability" survey, Big Ten chief communications officer Diane Dietz explains "We can't test them until we play a season...We can't know until we use them." You mean we can't make a change that 90 percent of fans within the conference footprint want until 100 percent of fans outside the conference footprint have an entire year to make fun of us? Awesome. Here's what I don't get. If the conference "never planned to change [the names] before the 2011 season," as the article suggests, why did Jim Delaney bother to tell WGN-Radio in Chicago that they could be re-evaluated after Jan. 1st? Why not just say after one season? Or better yet. Say nothing at all. Minnesota AD Joel Maturi found that out when he promised to make a "Tubby Smith-type hire," and ended up with Jerry Kill. Something tells me Jim Delaney is about to learn that lesson the hard way.