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Spartan OC Don Treadwell to Miami (OH)

Probably the most sought after (and available) OC in the Big Ten, Treadwell will leave for Oxford and coach a rising program. I'm a proud Miami (OH) alum and I think this is a wonderful hire - Treadwell demands respect from his excellent playcalling and his positive personality.


He'll take over a Miami team that's well-coached, young, and had a nice balance of passing and running. That means Treadwell steps into a perfect situation; he always strove to have a balanced Spartan attack, but never hesitated to feature the offenses strengths. I thought the Spartans would pass a lot this year, due to Cousins big arm and the experienced WR's. Instead, Treadwell came out running, recognizing the improved run blocking and the two headed monster of LeVeon Bell and Edwin Baker. MSU's signature play of 2010 (not counting the fake FG v ND)? The play-action touchdown to clinch victory over Wisky, a product of Treadwell's balanced attack. Best of luck to Don as he enters the Cradle of Coaches.