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Spanning the Empire: Your Week 9 Open Thread

It's Halloween weekend, and I'm not sure that all of the Big Ten teams will get candy when they go knock on their friends' doors. Now that the pundits have declared that we'll have a Wisconsin-Michigan State rematch in Indianapolis, I wouldn't be surprised to see one of those squads open up their bag Saturday, only to end up saying, "I got a rock."


Candy aside, it is shaping up to be a day of treats for us as Big Ten fans.

Time (CDT) Visitor Home Television Notes
11:00 Northwestern Indiana BTN It looks like Zombie Persa will be starting for the 'Cats.
11:00 Michigan State Nebraska ESPN The winner controls its own destiny in Legends. 
11:00 Purdue Michigan ESPN2 Could this be Purdue's one needed win before Indiana to get bowl eligible?
2:30 Illinois Penn State

ABC/ESPN2 (reverse mirror)

When the day is done, Penn State could have a two game lead in the Leaders Division. You read that right.
2:30 Iowa Minnesota BTN This says it all.
7:00 Wisconsin Ohio State ESPN Is Wisconsin good enough to win a road game? Don't the Buckeye uniforms look stupid?

If you're new here, welcome. We've only got a couple rules, so consider this our legal disclaimer. We have a pretty hefty legal department here at OTE, so don't cross us on this: No racism, sexism, homophobia, pornography, personal attacks, or illegal internet streams of any of the games. Speaking of lawyers, ours are currently bobbing for apples while in superhero costumes. No, you can't hold my hammer or my stein of mead. And if you think Jon is giving Graham "The Flash" Filler holy hell for wearing that much red, you've got us pretty well figured out.