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Silver Linings in West Lafayette

There were a lot of people at the start of the game.
There were a lot of people at the start of the game.

Things are bad for Purdue fans. On Saturday we had to watch our Boilers get slaughtered by Notre Dame, the team that every clear-minded college football fan loves to hate. The dark clouds of losing have rolled in, and the forecast has them sticking around at least until basketball season. Rather than wallow in depression, let's see if we can find some silver linings from the Notre Dame game.

Cloud: Even though Notre Dame kicked off to start the game, it only took them 24 seconds to score a touchdown.

Silver Lining: After Purdue kicked off in the second half, it took ND three whole minutes to score. That is a vast improvement from the first half.

Cloud: ND rushed for 287 yards on 40 attempts; it seemed like there were at least two missed tackles on every Irish running play.

Silver Lining: Practice makes perfect. The more players that get a chance to tackle the ball carrier, the more they will learn about tackling the ball carrier.

Cloud: ND's Michael Floyd had 137 yards receiving and a touchdown.

Silver Lining: This performance makes up for his all of his alcohol-related troubles with the law. This also proves that he has successfully turned his life around and Coach Brian Kelly made the right call in suspending him for a total of zero games. I am happy that he has so obviously matured as a person, as shown by his ability to play football well.

Cloud: Notre Dame scored 14 points in the first quarter, and Purdue didn't score at all.

Silver Lining: Purdue won the all-important fourth quarter 7-3.

Cloud: A terrible celebration penalty after a third down stop in the red zone gave ND the opportunity to go up 14-0 instead of having to kick a field goal.

Silver Lining: At least there was something to celebrate; the defense did keep them out of the end zone until the penalty.

Cloud: Purdue committed 13 penalties for a total of 113 yards.

Silver Lining: My brother got a bottomless bucket of popcorn that was pretty good. At one point he almost choked on it while he was laughing hysterically, but he didn't. That would have been another cloud.

Cloud: The Irish, who had been extremely turnover-prone in their previous games, didn't have any turnovers.

Silver Lining: Roosevelt Colvin waved the flag for the Shout thing before the fourth quarter. It was good to see him again.

Cloud: That may have been worse than watching Indiana win the bucket back last year.

Silver Lining: The weather was nice.

Cloud: Caleb TerBush's interception on the first play from scrimmage ended the game before it began.

Silver Lining: None of the Boilermakers were seriously injured in the game.

Cloud: Coach Hope didn't seem like he had his team prepared to play.

Silver Lining: His contract is up after the 2014 season. That's only three more years.

Final Cloud: Notre Dame 38, Purdue 10

Final Silver Lining: The earth did not crash into the sun.

There weren't a whole lot of fans that stuck around until the bitter end.