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The Obligatory Predictions Competition - Week 6


Hey Gang, life intervenes this week, so it's a poor man's version of the OPC.  Make sure to get your picks in by 5:55 p.m. EST tonight!

1. No. 3 OKLAHOMA vs. No. 11 TEXAS

Graham predicts OKLAHOMA

You don't think that Texas' 2011 Comeback Tour hasn't been staring at this game with Hungry Eyes? You must be asleep. Too bad Oklahoma is loaded like a nice baked potato. It's the Sooners, on the road.

Jon predicts OKLAHOMA

Texas has looked outright dominant at times this season, especially when they visited my neck of the woods to feast on UCLA.  But these stocked Sooners are no Bruins, and Bob Stoops isn't a fan of quarterback derbies.


Graham predicts PURDUE

CRIPPLE FIGHTTTTTTTT. Minnesota cannot do anything right now, especially without MarQueis Gray, whose running ability and size is just about the only thing Minnesota could call a "strength." Considering his return is iffy, Purdue wins at home.

Jon predicts PURDUE

Graham said it best, MarQueis Gray is Minnesota's entire offense.  Without him, the Gophers are inept.


Graham predicts IOWA

You could really make a claim that quarterback stability is the key for success in the B1G this year. You could just about make that claim every year. This game will help continue the truth of that claim. Iowa wins.

Jon predicts PENN STATE

I honestly don't know why I'm making this pick.  Oh yeah, it's because I watched Iowa play Iowa State.  (To be fair, I saw the Pittsburgh comeback too.)  Call me crazy, but I've got a feeling that Penn State's sleeping offense is going to wake up.


Graham predicts MICHIGAN

This is an Admiral Akbar game for Michigan with Sparty on the near horizon. Healthy Persa? I think twice, or three times, about picking the Wildcats. Unhealthy Persa? I choose Michigan. Wolverines win a big road game

Jon predicts MICHIGAN

Northwestern's defense is limping worse than their star quarterback after flushing an 18-point lead down the drain last week in Champaign.  Expect the Wolverine offense to capitalize early and often.


Graham predicts NEBRASKA

Just keep in mind, when you want to pick the upset here and choose OSU, that their offense is dysfunctional times one thousand. Nebraska at home.

Jon predicts NEBRASKA

The only way I can honestly imagine Ohio State putting more than 10 points on the board is if defense and special teams are responsible for the majority of them.  Nebraska's junior varsity secondary is a major weakness, but it's one that Ohio State's elementary pass attack won't be able to exploit.  Meanwhile the Silver Bullets play another solid game, which nobody remembers because of the final score.