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Spanning The Empire: Your Conference Open Thread



We're getting down to the wire, and if things fall in to place, one half of our Indianapolis participants could be decided.  Your games for today are:

Time Visitor Home TV Ted Says
11:00 Iowa Purdue BTN Iowa
11:00 Nebraska Michigan ESPN Michigan
11:00 Minnesota Northwestern BTN Northwestern
11:00 Indiana Michigan State BTN MSU 
11:00 Wisconsin Illinois ESPN 2 Wisconsin
2:30 Penn State Ohio State ESPN or ABC Ohio State

MSU can clinch the division with a win today and a Nebrasksa loss, and Penn State can put a hammer lock on their division with a win against OSU.  We also have the Iowa-Purdue blood feud, and if three people don't die in the stands from I HATE YOU RIVAL ARRRRRGH' smack talk, I'll be sorely disappointed. 

Standard rules apply:  No racism, no sexism, no politics, no religion, no illegal Internet streams of games.  Otherwise, have at it and enjoy the games!