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The Obligatory Predictions Competition - Week 9 Leaderboard

Gameday Depot
FTC disclosure: This contest is sponsored by Gameday Depot and SB Nation.

Congratulations to RedPoo for winning Week 9 of The Obligatory Predictions Competition and taking home the $10 gift certificate from Gameday Depot. Be on the lookout for a confirmation email with instructions on how to claim your prize.  (On a completely unrelated note, you might want to get that gastro-intestinal condition checked out.  We're always looking out for the health of our readers.)

There's another $10 gift certificate up for grabs this week and a $50 gift certificate for the entire season, so keep at it.

The integrated leaderboard is after the jump.

Week 9 Leaderboard

1 Boilerman31's Picks (176-32)

T-2 downfall (174-34)

T-2 El Niche (174-34)

T-2 CatsArgentina (174-34)

5 HoyaGoon 173 (173-35)

T-6 Go Hawks (172-36) 

T-6 kjzk13 172 (172-36) 

T-6 Dan TrueBlue (172-36) 

T-6 John Veldhuis (172-36)

T-6 Goldy Appreciation Society (172-36)

T-11 Bama Hawkeye (171-37)

T-11 In The Deed The Glory (171-37)

T-11 Spartan D (171-37) 

T-11 GCS (171-37)

T-11 Clint Barton (171-37)

T-16 PaternosGranddaughter (170-38) 

T-16 cbrett42 (170-38) 

T-16 MTXEMurph (170-38)

T-18 RedPoo (169-39)

T-18 josephacampbell (169-39)

T-18 mikjones24 (169-39)

T-18 w8ing4gold (169-39)

T-18 TigerHawks (169-39) 

T-18 Justinian (169-39) 

To see the full standings for your group, click on the appropriate link: OPC 1, OPC 2.  The Obligatory Predictions Competition standings are also available on the left masthead of the main page.