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The Obligatory Predictions Competition - Week 10

Two weeks ago I complained to my wife that this was a squeaky clean year in college football where favorites rolled and challengers collapsed.  That same day, Michigan State dealt Wisconsin the first of back-to-back heartbreaks, and Texas Tech abominated the Sooners at home.  So what if the national picture still feels a bit static.  The B1G race is shaping up to be one for the ages.  If you haven't already, take a look at KennardHusker's excellent Mid Season Division Arguments.  Then log onto Yahoo! to weigh in.

1. No. 15 MICHIGAN @ IOWA, 12:00 p.m. EST (11/5)



Michigan, the four point favorites, and yet against a standard Kirk Ferentz team at home, I would typically go with Iowa. I still don't trust Michigan against angry teams on the road, but I'll follow Vegas on this one and go with the Wolverines.

predicts MICHIGAN

I've been to Kinnick Stadium.  It's a tough place to play on the road.  But, as Bama Hawkeye lamented earlier this week, this is an uncharacteristically soft Iowa team.  I still think the Wolverine offense is vulnerable to an aggressive defensive front.  But unless the 2009 Iowa defense makes a special guest appearance, I just don't trust the Hawks to make places to shorten drives.  The Wolverines jump out to a double digit lead and hold on on the road.    

2. MINNESOTA @ No. 17 MICHIGAN STATE, 12:00 p.m. EST (11/5)



MSU has the perfect defense to slow the Gophers: active blitzers and penetrating linemen. Gray is going to get hit hard and early, just like every other QB MSU's faced not named Taylor Martinez.


No question, Sparty occasionally turns into a noctambulist on the road.  But now that last week's let down is out of their system I say they get back into form at home.  Make no mistake, a gutsy on-sides kick won't be the difference in this one.

3. PURDUE @ No. 20 WISCONSIN, 3:30 p.m. EST (11/5)


predicts WISCONSIN

Wisky sliding, sliding, sliding, but even a sliding Wisconsin team couldn't possibly struggle against a Purdue team bad at finishing drives...

predicts WISCONSIN

The key to beating Wisconsin is defensive toughness.  Purdue doesn't have enough of it to out-muscle the Badgers in the comfortable confines of Camp Randall.

4. No. 9 SOUTH CAROLINA @ No. 7 ARKANSAS 7:00 p.m. EST (11/5)



Watched Arkansas on ESPN's Depth Chart - My god are the offensive coaches intense. At home? SC can't score with the Razorbacks.


This game is unusually quiet for a Top 10 matchup.  I suppose you can't blame the SEC public relations brass for putting all their eggs in the Alabama/LSU basket.  South Carolina is a top team in name only, after losing Stephen Garcia to alcohol and Marcus Lattimore to injury.  Okay, okay, so they've got a pretty good replacement in Connor Shaw, and a darn solid defense.  And Arkansas did have their hands full last week against Vandy -- plus they'll be without Marquel Wade.  Does that spell an upset?  Nah.  I'm taking the Razorbacks and their agressive pass attack at home.

5. No. 1 LSU @ No. 2 ALABAMA, 8:00 p.m. EST (11/5)


predicts ALABAMA

GOTY naturally. You best be sitting and watching this game, because it's going to be NFL-talent in a 1 v. 2 atmosphere. Alabama wins with home advantage, although LSU's offense is more versatile than Bama's.

JON predicts ALABAMA

Man, how I want to take LSU here.  After all, the Tigers have the more impressive resume coming into Tuscaloosa, and two elite defenses are bound to cancel each other out.  So why do I give Alabama the edge?  Two reasons: Trent Richardson and the 12th Man.