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Penn State In On Georgia's Mark Richt?


I'll admit that up until a week ago I had never heard of this Sekrah Sports, and I'm not sure how accurate this guy/gal/anonymous Twitter account is, but I will say Sekrah was right about one thing, and had it about 24 hours before everyone else, as I recall.

When former 4 star recruit and Penn State commit DT Tommy Schutt said he was going to re-open his recruitment and visit Ohio State, Sekrah called Schutt to OSU long before it was made official.

I am ALL ABOUT wild Internet speculation, and if there is any truth to this rumor, all I can say is 'well done, PSU'. Dan Mullen had been rumored earlier this month, but signed an extension to stay at Mississippi State, and quite frankly, the coaching search at Happy Valley seems to have been stuck in low gear since then.

Richt seemed to be on the hot seat last year, as Georgia floundered to 8-5 in 2010, 6-7 last year, and opened up 0-2 this season. But Richt righted the ship and the Bulldogs ripped off 10 straight wins and won the SEC East, and became the sacrifical lamb to LSU in the SEC Championship game.

It's also being bandied about that Richt is reaching out to PSU, which would be...odd. He has no ties to the school, has spent almost his entire coaching career in the South, and although he's from Nebraska, that was pre-B1G days, so he has no real ties to the conference. That said, PSU is still a plum job, he has been at Georgia since 2001, and Sandusky scandal/JoePa firing aside, it's a place that a lot of people would give a right arm to coach at.

This would be a home run for Happy Valley if it comes to fruition.