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Rose Bowl... Beer Bowl

Hey there Off Tacklers! Those of you who have been reading this site for a while have probably noticed something missing from this year's bowl season. The food bet. No, I haven't died -- but the holiday season and the unresponsiveness of Texas A&M bloggers made this a bit more challenging this year.

So, we're going to switch it up a bit. In years past, I've arranged for a food bet between myself and a blogger for whatever team Northwestern plays in their bowl game. I've lost. Every single time. But still, I continue. Persistence is a bitch, huh?

Anyway, this year I wasn't able to get a Texas A&M blogger to commit to a food bet. I know, I was disappointed too. But I did manage to set up a bet based on the outcome of the bowl for that other team that I write about. You know, the better one. Wisconsin. And since the bet involved Wisconsin, what better thing to put on the line than beer? I mean, it just seemed appropriate. After all, this is the land of Miller and Leinenkugels. Of Capital Brewery and New Glarus. Of Point Special and (*shudder*) Schlitz. Fortunately, friendly blogger David from Addicted to Quack agreed to the bet with me.

The terms are simple. Beer to the winner, and a frosty mug of bitter disappointment and salty, salty tears to the loser. So what do I have on the line? Why, none other than a nice six pack of one of my favorite Wisconsin beers, New Glarus' Cabin Fever Honey Bock. And, because shipping just a six pack seems a little cheap, I'm going to throw in a set of New Glarus Pilsner Glasses straight from the brewery gift shop. So what is the Cabin Fever Honey Bock you might ask. Well, this is how New Glarus describes it on their website:

"Cool days draw us close to the warmth of home fires. This is the season to sip away the chill and embrace quiet evenings with friends and family.

You hold a Wisconsin Style Honey Bock, easy going and more approachable than its traditional dark German cousin. Bock beers have existed in Wisconsin for over 150 years. This pale bock is brewed with an exclusive blend of Wisconsin two row barley that balances seamlessly with our special European hops. Naturally sweet Clover Honey was added in the kettle accenting warm flavor notes on your tongue.

Whether you reminisce the passing summer sun or thrill to squeaky steps through drifting snow one thing is certain about winter in Wisconsin, this too shall pass. "

Now doesn't that just make you want to drive all the way to Wisconsin to buy some? Yeah, me too. So what do I get if Wisconsin dominates Oregon in this year's Rose Bowl? Well... head on over to Addicted to Quack to find out.