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We'll Put This In The "Color Me Shocked" File

Hey, remember Art Schlicter?  You know, the only golden boy QB Ohio State has ever really produced?  Yeah, yeah, Troy Smith Cornelius Greene Craig Krenzel blah blah blah, but Art was the prototypical NFL QB, the can't miss kid with the rocket arm and a ticket to Canton already punched.  You remember, the guy that lead OSU to the precipice of a National Championship in Earle Bruce's first season?  YEAH....that guy.

Well, let's just say Art's career didn't pan out like most people thought it would.  Oh, he's still tied to football, but these days if you hear the name "Art Schlicter" and "football", the phrases "convict" and "gambling scheme" should also come to mind, almost immediately.  And then you just put a kung fu deathgrip on your wallet, purse, or murse, just to make sure your life savings is still safe.  

Schlicter is being investigated for a Super Bowl ticket scandal that involves millions of dollars and multiple stupid, stupid people who would even give said money to Schlicter.  He apparently promised Super Bowl tickets for cash in advance, and then used that millions of dollars for...wait for it...WAIT FOR IT...GAMBLING!!

I know, I know, I'm as shocked as you are.  No, not that Schlicter is in trouble with the law.  His is a sad tale, but after thirty years of behavior that hasn't changed, is anyone surprised?

What shocks me is that anyone would give him a cent, much less hundreds or thousands, and expect a result that doesn't involve getting swindled out of money.

Art makes Terrelle Pryor look like a choirboy.