Kill-ing The Timmy Era


Jerry Kill means toughness, hard work...and torture. Ted from SBMinnesota and OTE breaks down Kill's initial impression: The Gophers opened spring practice yesterday, and Kill, in his low key demeanor (off the field, anyway), isn't talking Rose Bowl, he's talking about his kids going to class, getting in shape, paying attention to detail. And hustling. Something he likes to call 'the Minnesota Way', and it's part of a new culture of accountability he is instilling that he found sorely lacking when he took over. Normally, the college coaching fraternity is a fairly close knit group, except for maybe Timmy and Bret Bielema. You never know when you'll run into that guy again, and if the guy you're replacing might not someday be on the same staff you are, so it's rare to find a coach like Kill go on record and pretty much trash without trashing his predecessor.