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Final tOSU Punishment Prediction Thread

We'll get back to welcoming Nebraska soon enough. For now, it's much more fun to pile on the the carcass of Jim Tressel's integrity.  

What do we know at this point: 

  • We know that Ohio State has suspended Jim Tressel for the first two games of the season (Akron and Toledo).
  • We know that Ohio State has fined Jim Tressel $250,000.
  • We know that Ohio State will issue a public reprimand of Jim Tressel.
  • We know that Ohio State did not vacate any wins from 2010.
  • We know that Ohio State imposed no scholarship restrictions upon itself.
  • We know that Jim Tressel wears gray sweater vests for home games, red sweater vests for road games, and black sweater vests when he is trying to demonstrate his repentance.  
We also know that the NCAA can, and often has, increased the punishment doled out to rule breakers. So, what will the final sentence be? After spending enough time living in the South, you start to get an intuitive sense to the punishments that the NCAA dishes out. My first thought when Ohio State announced this was, "Oh that's not enough." What will the final tally be when the NCAA gets done?


I think that Ohio State will vacate their 11 regular season wins. The team knowingly played ineligible players. This isn't even a "should have known" situation, which caused the recent vacating of wins by Florida State, USC, and Alabama. The head coach knowingly played ineligible players. I suspect that the Arkansas bowl win will stand, because the team had reported the violation by then, and punishment had been handed down. Ohio State's final record for 2010: 1-12 (0-8). Their streak of Big Ten Conference Championships ended with 2009. [Note: since we in the Big Ten don't have as much experience as the SEC with vacated games versus forfeited games, a vacated win does NOT mean that the opponent gets credit for the victory. Michigan does not credit for beating Ohio State. That game had no winner.]

I think that the NCAA asks for no additional dollars from Tressel (beyond the $250K). It's just not their style.

I think that the NCAA puts Ohio State on two years probation. Meaning: We're watching you. Slip up in the next two years and we'll come down hard.

I think that the NCAA does not dock any scholarships. Not this time. But if anything ANYTHING is found in the near future...

I think that Jim Tressel will be suspended for five games. Is there a symmetry to the punishment given to the players? Yes.

I think that Jim Tressel puts the black sweater vest away.

If I'm Ohio State and the NCAA tells me that this is the penalty, I say thank you and quickly announce it before they change their mind.

Final NCAA prediction:

Wins Vacated: 11

Tressel Suspension: 5 Games

Years of Probation: 2

Scholarships Lost: 0

Additional Fines: $0

Now, brilliant reader, take your best shot. In those five categories, list what punishment you expect to see levied. Let's see who can get closest to the pin...