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A Big Milestone For Our Little Corner Of The World

I love this site.  It's pretty unique in the blogosphere, as it's one of just a few that cover an entire college conference, and we focus on the football aspect of that conference, for the most part.  Granted, it's the Greatest Conference In The History Of The World, so that helps.  And before we were Off Tackle Empire, we were The Rivalry, Esq., and the name change was kind of confusing for some folks. 

But because we have great writers, present company excluded, and great leaders in Graham, Jon, and Bama, we have upped the ante in the blogosphere and established a unique perspective on how to cover college football, all the while working to get an audience that looks to us as one of their go to sources for B1G football commentary.

Well, we've hit a big milestone on our way to world domination:  Sometime this past weekend, we eclipsed 1,000,000 unique page views, which is pretty freaking awesome.  If you're reading this, YOU were the 1,000,000th unique page view, so you know what that means:

YOU get a car!  Annnnd YOU get a car!  AND YOU GET A CAR!  Okay, not really.

Excuse us while we pat ourselves on the back, and from everyone at Off Tackle Empire, we say 'THANK YOU' to everyone that stops by here.  Without you, this wouldn't be possible, and hopefully this is just the continuation of some  great things on the horizon for this website.

Here's to our next million.