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It's Victory Lap Week on the OTE

Believe it or not, we've just spent 13 weeks - one-quarter of the year - previewing each team in the Big Ten (Jim Tressel's resignation caused us to run a week long). So what now? Is it time to line 'em up and knock 'em down?

Sadly, no. There are still 52 days until Wisconsin starts the B1G 2011 campaign on a Thursday night against UNLV. It. Can't. Get. Here. Soon. Enough.

For now, the writers of the staff are putting together our thoughts on the state of the upcoming season. We'll get to final predictions in late August, but starting tomorrow, we'll give you some hints as to our takeaways of the B1G. We're calling it our Victory Lap, and we remind you that when this package started, "Winning!" wasn't even a meme. 

52 days...


52 days...


52 days...