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19 Days - 30 B1G Years - 1992

What? You're not familiar with the undefeated Michigan squad of 1992? You don't remember undefeated Michigan clamoring for a share of the 1992 national title?

Three ties will do that.

There was the season-opening tie at Notre Dame. After rolling off eight straight wins, there were two season-ending ties, versus Illinois and at Ohio State. The left Michigan with a curious 8-0-3 record. No, undefeated and untied Miami would be upset by undefeated and untied Alabama for the national championship. Michigan would gain its satisfaction by 1) having won a fifth straight Big Ten crown and 2) beating Washington in the Rose Bowl - only their second Rose Bowl win of their last six attempts.


There would be three more seasons before college football would add overtime and eliminate ties, but it's hard not to think that Michigan's final record of 9-0-3 didn't have something to do with it.