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2011 Closing Arguments - Purdue Part II




Apparently my closing arguments for Purdue ruffled some feathers in BoilermakerNation.  I hope that this update will be more agreeable to our friends from West Lafayette.








I didn't have the time to find any pictures of Unicorns. 

Will Purdue finish 1-11? More than likely not.

If they go 3-1 in non-conference as most expect, they will probably finish at best 5-7.

Seriously though, here are some new questions:

If Purdue finishes with a losing record for the fourth year in a row and/or if they are not fighting for bowl eligibility when they play Indiana during the last weekend, Is Danny Hope looking for a new job?

Has the anomalous success under Coach Tiller given the Boilermaker fans unrealistic expectations?

Somebody in the B1G has to finish at the bottom and with the advent of divisions, that means two schools get to finish in last place. What has Purdue done to change the perception that their football team will be one of them?

Indiana hired a new coach with proven success on this level. They have expanded their football stadium and upgraded their facilities. They even signed a prized (wanted by more than Indiana and the MAC) recruit. What has Purdue done to keep up?