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8 Days - 30 B1G Years - 2003

I'm drawing a circle around 2003. It's our last classic* Big Ten season. If you want to think of it as retro, that's OK too. On the last weekend of the season, 9-2 (6-1) Michigan hosting 10-1 (6-1) Ohio State with an outright championship and a trip to Pasadena on the line. There is no National Championship in play. Neither of these teams will be spirited off to a bowl in a different state. It's blue versus red with the winner going to California. 

Michigan won 35-21 and went to the Rose Bowl to play USC. They'd lose there (again, classic* season). Ohio State went back to Tempe, and beat Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl. At the time, it was Michigan's 13th win in the previous 19 meetings with Ohio State. Today, if you look at the last 26 meetings, Michigan still just has 13 wins...


*classic as defined by sportswriters who think of the 1970s as the Big Ten's glory years.