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Your Week 2 B1G Open Thread - NightTime Edition

It's after dark. The mood is changing. Outside the street's on fire. It's a real death waltz between what's real and what's fantasy. Inside, we're focused on the Maize and Blue and Gold (with some crimson and red thrown in there too). The nice thing about traditional powers like Michigan and Notre Dame is that they don't go in for any of that stupid, trendy uniform crap like Oregon, Okie State, Maryland, and waitaminute. Crap. 


We'll meet 'neath that giant Big House, that brings this fair city light...

Three games to wrap up our day.

Time Visitor Home TV B1G Site
6 PM Virginia Indiana BTN The Crimson Quarry
6 PM Fresno State Nebraska BTN Corn Nation
7 PM Notre Dame Michigan ESPN Maize n Brew

Come on in and have a seat.  If you're new to our open threads, the rules are simple: No racism, no sexism, no homophobia, no pornography, no personal attacks, and no illegal internet streams of the games. There's beer in the fridge, we've got wings, we've got burgers and brats on the grill, and the legal minds are in the other room talking res ipsa retainer.