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Purdue Football: So Sad About Us

Things are looking pretty grim in Boiler-land. After getting beat by Rice on Saturday, angry writers and fans took to the internet to let out their frustrations at the current coaching staff and the direction of the program. I'm not going to spend much time this week making the same points that have been made over and over again in regards to Danny Hope's decisions, but here is a couple paragraphs on the coaching.

Many of the coaching decisions over the past few years have been bad, but at least the coaches have a strategy and stick to it, right? I mean, surely they know what they want to do in critical situations, right? They have a game plan that might not make sense to you or me, but they do have a game plan, right? When it looks like they are trying to figure out what to do while valuable seconds tick off the clock, it is a deliberate move to confuse the other coaches and gain an advantage, right?

Of course not. Boiled Sports discusses a quote from OC Gary Nord about a weird decision in the waning minutes of Saturday's game, in which the coaches waited twenty seconds or so, then burnt a timeout before punting. Coach Hope had said that the offense was on the field trying to draw Rice offsides, but it sure didn't look like it. Nord confessed to that the coaches had no idea what they wanted to do if the third down play didn't result in a first down, and that is why a timeout was called. I admire his honesty, but it sure doesn't make either him or Coach Hope look good. It's pretty simple: punt, or go for it. That decision should be made before the third down play. Coaches that can't think one play ahead should not be in charge of a major conference college football team (even Indiana).

The following will be a a recurring bit in my posts until I consider the Boilermakers good again (which doesn't seem like it will happen anytime soon).

Hey, remember when Purdue was good?

1997: Michigan State at Purdue

Gotta love those old-timey espn2 graphics!

In Joe Tiller's first year as head coach, his Purdue team faced an eleven point deficit against Nick Saban's Spartans with 2:14 to go in the game. Michigan State had their field goal attempt blocked (that sounds familiar) and Roosevelt Colvin ran it back for a touchdown. Purdue then recovered the onside kick and scored a touchdown with forty seconds to spare. Michigan State managed to get into field goal range, but it was not to be. The field goal attempt was no good and Purdue won 22-21.


After the season opening loss at Ball State last year, SEMO State won their FCS conference and made it to the playoffs. This year they have only played one game: Southern Illinois (another FCS team) destroyed them 38-10 at home. As bad as getting beat by Rice was, a loss here would be devastating. It shouldn't happen, but it might.

Two years ago, I went to Indiana to watch the Bucket Game. The previous week I had worn my black Purdue shirt to the demoralizing loss against Michigan State. It was early in the morning and I was reaching in my bag for a black shirt. I put on a black shirt and went to the game. While tailgating, someone made a comment on my shirt, something to the effect of "Why are you wearing that shirt?". I looked down at my shirt and noticed that I wasn't wearing my black Purdue t-shirt. I was wearing a black SEMO State shirt that my brother had gotten me for a dollar. I was embarrassed, but everyone got a good laugh out of it.

The Purdue Pete Scale

Each week, I will rate both this week's performance and the overall season with the Purdue Pete Scale. The scale will range from five New Purdue Petes (worst) to five Classic Purdue Petes (best).


Purdue vs Rice

New Purdue PeteNew Purdue PeteNew Purdue Pete

When I was watching this game on CBS College Sports Network, they had a really cheap looking medical ad. The words on the screen were "Stop using DIRTY CATHETERS!". Watching this season so far as a Purdue fan has been like using a dirty catheter.


2011 Purdue Season

 New Purdue PeteNew Purdue PeteNew Purdue PeteNew Purdue Pete

I would be shocked if Classic Purdue Pete ever makes an appearance under the 2011 Purdue Season heading again.