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Spanning the Empire: Your Early Bowls Open Thread

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It's Ohio State! It's Penn State! It's Michigan State! It's Nebraska! It's too many games at once! Why did Delany do this to us?

Which of these teams doesn't want to close their eyes on the 2011 season? But if they open them, it will all remain the same.

Last year, New Year's Day was our downfall. It was pathetic watching the B1G go 0-5, with three losses to the SEC. This year, things will be different. After an undefeated New Year's Day, the B1G is prepared to strike back with big wins in their five matchups. We have four to kick off the day. We'll be sitting back, with our drink of choice for the morning.

If you're new here, welcome. We've only got a couple rules, so consider this our legal disclaimer. We have a pretty hefty legal department here at OTE, so don't cross us on this: No racism, sexism, homophobia, pornography, personal attacks, politics, religion, or illegal Internet streams of any games.