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MSU vs. Georgia in the Outback Bowl

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We wanted this:


We got this:


Yeah, Yeah I know the mere fact that MSU is playing in a New Year's Day (sorry NFL rules and all) Monday, January 2nd bowl game should make us Spartan alumni and fans jump for joy.


Just to recap: We won 10 regular season games. Won in Iowa City for the first time since Reagan was president (you remember; the one who singlehandedly won the cold war, while eating jelly beans). Won in Columbus for the first time since this year's freshman class was in first grade. Beat our biggest rival (I know, I know they don't care) for the fourth time in a row. Lost in inaugural B1G championship game by a matter of inches.

For our reward we get a New Year's 2nd day game and share the time slot with three (3!!!) other B1G teams. Meanwhile our biggest rival, based upon criteria just short of of throwing chicken entrails into the wind and making value judgements based on how they land, gets a prime-time slot all to themselves. Wisconsin, whom we are at least the equal of (if regular season results are to be believed), also gets a time slot all to themselves.

So yeah. Call me nonplussed.

I have nothing against Georgia besides the fact that they are in the SEC (reading some UGA message boards, they are somewhat miffed that they regularly get lumped in with the "slack jawed yokels" from LA,MS,AL). This is a great game and a great matchup. One that should be played in the 2nd or 3rd week of the season.

So call it MSU 34 UGA 33.

And I and most Spartan fans, I believe, hope for: VT 1,000,663 UM -57 and OU 59,000 UW 0.