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Across The Empire: Your Saturday Games Open Thread

Hunter Martin - Getty Images

This is the best time of year to be a sports fan. If the NFL is your thing, you're almost at the halfway point and the action is really picking up. It's playoff time in major league baseball, and there's nothing like the tension of a close game 5 or game 7 in baseball's postseason.

In college football, a loss knocks you out of a championship. Just one. At least on the national level. In our conference, things have been...fluid...shall we say. Over in the Legends, Iowa can almost knock Michigan State's title hopes away with a win, and put themselves in the drivers seat, right along with Michigan. Speaking of the Wolverines, they should be able to keep pace as they take on an Illinois team who's wheels are completely coming off. And Northwestern really needs to beat Minnesota if they want to entertain any ideas of a December trip to Indianapolis. And if Minnesota wants to go to a bowl, they've been looking at this game as one of their 6 wins.

Over in the Leaders, What two weeks ago we thought might be a monumental matchup that will determine the division really isn't. With OSU and Penn State undefeated in the conference...and ineligible...a Wisconsin win against Purdue today really puts a hammer lock on the division. And what about the Buckeyes? They'll have what amounts to a glorified scrimmage in Bloomington. At least I hope so.

There are a lot of other games going on that have big implications at the national level, and feel free to chat about those as well. To find the game and channel of your choice, click here.

And remember the rules: No illegal Internet stream links to any games, no porn links to anthing, and don't be a toolbox.

Enjoy the games, everyone!