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Sunday Morning Coming Down - Rainy Day Game Edition

Lots of rain in the B1G, lots of points (they come easy against Illinois, Indiana, Purdue....and Ohio State's defense?), and another Sparty NOOOOOOO game.

Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

Good morning, B1G fans! It's wet and dreary here in Chicago, and it was pretty wet on the field throughout the conference. Time for Sunday Morning Coming Down -- your one stop shop for talking about what happened on Saturday, what it means to the conference/division races, and what you drank/ate on Saturday. Here's a couple bullet points:

  • Thanks for stopping by the BCS booth, West Virginia. Yikes, that was ugly.
  • Ugh. Sparty. What is going on with you guys? The defense remains stout, but good god Dan Roushar's offense is ugly. And at this point, you're out of the Legends division race (or, at minimum, you'd need a LOT of help to make it to Indianapolis).
  • Congrats to Iowa, by the way. Iowa's defense is starting to look legit (although that may be more of a function of Minnesota and MSU being terrible on offense the past 2 weeks), and Mark Weisman (116 yards rushing and a TD) remains the best story in the B1G, if not all of college football.
  • Weisman might be the best story in the B1G right now, but he's not necessarily the B1G's best running back. That choice would include in the discussion Montee Ball (247 yards and 3 TDs against what we thought was a stout Purdue defense in a 38-14 win that may have wrapped up the Badgers' ticket to Indianapolis) and Venric Mark (182 yards rushing and 2 TDs in a Northwestern win over Minnesota).
  • Another note on Montee Ball and Wisconsin: congrats to Ball for setting the B1G TD record (72 TDs), and moving into 3rd in NCAA history. And right now, Wisconsin's losses aren't looking too bad -- to an undefeated Oregon State team on the road, and Nebraska (who's not "great" but certainly not a bad loss).
  • Purdue - yikes. I really thought that defense would be better. Honest question: is Danny Hope's seat getting warm? Purdue is 3-3 now, and still has games against Ohio State, Penn State, and Iowa, all of which we need to mark as probable losses at this point. And the Battle for Oaken Bucket is no longer that easy.
  • Ohio State won and remains undefeated, so that's good. But 52-49 to Indiana? Really? I thought Ohio State had a defense, but they gave up 49 points and 481 offensive yards to Indiana. A win's a win, I suppose, but if Indiana put up 49 points on Ohio State, I'm scared to see what Michigan's offense will score against the Buckeyes.
  • Also, kudos to Kevin Wilson at Indiana. He still has a LOT to fix in terms of Indiana's defense, but this Indiana team is incredibly competitive, tough, and very difficult to stop when they're on offense (and, keep in mind, they're doing this WITHOUT Tre Roberson at QB). I'm tempted to call it right now -- Indiana makes a bowl game in 2013.
  • On the opposite side of Indiana, there's Illinois. Apparently Tim Beckman's rebuilding job at Illinois begins with razing the entire program to the ground, burning the wood frame, melting the metal studs, taking a sledgehammer to break up the foundation, and salting the earth. In other words, your worst fears have come true, Illini fans -- Tim Beckman is worse than Ron Zook. I mean, is there any dispute at this point? Zook didn't leave the cupboard THAT bare, so there's frankly no excuse for the Illini being THIS terrible.
  • By the way, Michigan fans -- great win, but are you at all concerned about the hits that Denard Robinson is taking? Just asking, because I'm a little wary of all the abuse he's taking.
  • Stanford scored.
  • In related news: screw Notre Dame.
  • Nebraska and Penn State rested. Let's hope none of their players pulled an Iowa and got arrested.
  • Northwestern is the first B1G team that's bowl eligible. Collect your winnings if you predicted that preseason. That being said, that was an UGLY second half: after leading 21-10 at the half over Minnesota, the Gophers got a field goal.....and that was all the second half scoring.
  • Our thoughts here at OTE are with Jerry Kill, who apparently suffered a seizure post-game in the coaches' locker room. Let's all hope he's back with the team soon.