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Where We Be And What We Be Drinkin', Week 8

You know the deal. Location. Drink of choice. Go -


BabaOReally: I'll be in Fort Wayne watching the Purdue game until it gets out of hand. I would guess that would be about 12:15. It'll be nice to be able to watch multiple games at home instead of being in Ross-Ade watching another blowout loss.

Bama Hawkeye: I'll be in the home office in Alabama. I'll be rooting for Sparty as they play big brother, although I won't be really focused on football until Penn State and Iowa kick off at 7. As for drinks, I do believe that it will be Woodford Reserve on the rocks.

JDMill: I'm just going to leave this right here.


C.E. Bell: With Nebraska in town, a sellout crowd, a 2:30 pm kickoff on ABC, and Legends Division chances on the line, this week is big in Evanston. So big, Fitz is buying pizza for students who show up to the stadium early to root for the Cats.

So what better way to celebrate than with a Nebraska Themed Tailgate? I thus present: the Warren Buffett Buffet.....a smorgasboard of corn-related food and/or foods inspired by or made out of ingredients/products from Berkshire Hathaway's portfolio (Kraft Foods, Nestle, Outback Steakhouse, Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, to name a few). Not exactly sure what will be served yet (my tailgating crew hasn't listed their contributions yet on our Google doc spreadsheet), but it will definitely be delicious.

As for drinks, I'm sure bourbon will be involved (corn mash and all), and I know Fat Tire is in the beer case. Not sure what other beers we'll be sampling, but win or lose (and let's face it -- Nebraska seeking revenge for last year, making up for the Ohio State debacle, and with 2 weeks to prepare means this one may not be pretty for the Wildcat faithful), we'll have fun.

Mike Jones: Staying in Des Moines to hang out with some bros. Gonna stick around my house and drink some Paulaner Oktoberfest and root for Wisconsin, Brohio State, NU, and Michigan State. Naturally, my rooting interests are based on division standings.

When the Iowa game gets started we'll be heading over to the Front Row, the Hawkeye bar to end all Hawkeye bars. I'll start with some PBR and depending on how the game goes I'll either stick with good bad beer or move on to Jack Daniels.

Brian: I'll be making the trip cross country this weekend to Michigan Stadium to cheer on the good guys as they battle the dreaded Spartans. What will I be drinking? Well, that depends on how the game goes. But something at Dominick's sounds like a good start.


Graham: I'll be finishing up a political leadership conference in Midland, MI and then finding my way downtown to catch the 330 Michigan game. I love watching football in random places like Midland - you know instantly who the diehards are..Mid-day beers should be somewhat light, a nice Oberon will do.

Hilary Lee: Traveling once again. This time I'll be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin hanging out with a good friend of mine who moved up there last year. What we'll be drinking? No idea. But I'm sure it will be tasty.

MN Wildcat: I'll be on a 6:30pm flight out to Chicago on Friday night. You'll find me bright and early in the SPAC parking lots, tailgating with the myriads of Nebraska fans and sharing with them our honorary "Nebraska" drink: a jag bomb, renamed a "Blackshirt". (Get it? It's vaguely red and black--KINDA LIKE NEBRASKA. We're creative drunks.)

For me? Most likely some Leinie's Oktoberfest and all the cheap cheap tailgate beer I can drink. A few people at the tailgate bring this homemade bacon cheddar dip that you put on everything, so I'll have plenty of that and all the associated grillin' foods. Maybe even some grilled corn on the cob if I feel extra Nebraskan. After the game, I'll be headed downtown with a friend who's turning 21--God help me.

Jesse Collins: Morning games will be seen intermittently as I continue to try and play catch up around the house. Been a busy-ish couple of weeks. Will probably catch the Nebraska game with my dad in hopes that this week sucks less than two weeks ago. I will be missing the night games, though, because I'll be watching UNO hockey. Super pumped for hockey. Drinks? Maybe a beer here or there, but probably nothing special. I've heard Lucky Bucket has a new fall brew called Big Pimpkin. I'll probably track that down at some point.