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Across The Empire: Your Saturday Conference Open Thread

No one will win their division today, but a couple teams could lose it.

Leon Halip

Today is a day where we'll know a lot more about the Legends and Leaders Division winners at the end of it than we do right now.

Our first two games should pretty much decide the Leaders division: Purdue goes to Ohio State, and Minnesota goes to Wisconsin. Let's put the Legends division 'race' this way: Of the four teams eligible to go to Indianapolis, only Wisconsin has a win. Purdue, Indiana, and Illinois are all winless, and with a Wisconsin win and a Purdue loss, this race is over.

Well, after last week, it's pretty much over, but this week will make it more or less official.

Our afternoon games will look to bring some firsts for some teams. Nebraska will look for their first win ever against Northwestern in conference play (seriously, that might be that last time I ever get to use that joke, so I am). I want to say Nebraska will win, but they have no defense, so we'll see.

Michigan's seniors are looking for their first (and what would be their only) win against Sparty, and this is the last stand for the Men of Sparta. They're 1-2 in conference play, while Iowa and Michigan are undefeated in the Legends. A loss for MSU here and what little chance they have to return to Indy is over.

And in a non-conference tilt, the Naval Academy will look for their first win ever against Indiana. They've only played twice before, and not since 1986, but I'm shocked that there is a football team that Indiana has an all time winning record against (2-0). Baby steps, folks. Go Hoosiers.

And finally, our nightcap is Penn State at Iowa. Penn State has played some solid football as of late, and Iowa is coming off a big win against MSU in East Lansing last week. A win here and Iowa remains (somewhat surprisingly) atop the Legends.

Time (CST) Network Visitor Home
11:00 ABC/ESPN2 Purdue Ohio State
11:00 ESPNU Minnesota Wisconsin
2:30 ESPN2 Nebraska Northwestern
2:30 BTN Michigan State Michigan
2:30 CBS Sports Network Indiana Navy
7:00 BTN Penn State Iowa

You guys know the rules: No illegal Internet streams, no porn, and don't be a jackwagon.

Enjoy the games, everyone!