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UPDATE: Report (WWL Style): Shawn Eichorst to become next Nebraska AD

Early reports are that Nebraska has found their new AD as Shawn Eichorst has apparently resigned from Miami in preparation of taking the job in Lincoln.

I have very little information on this situation as it seems to have come up late last night. From Sean Callahan, Nebraska's Editor:

For those who don't know, Shawn Eichorst is currently the AD at Miami (although reports say he has already resigned) where he took over last year for the embattled program. His resume actually seems pretty impressive, but obviously none of us know a ton about him to know about what he has done. His Miami biography reads pretty well, though. Academically and athletically, he seems to have it going on. Also, I'm sure Nebraska seems like a step up from the hammer that is about to hit home in Coral Gables.

Lastly, it is worth noting that he seems to have Big Ten roots working as Deputy AD under Alvarez. I can see how that would be a great fit for Nebraska with a good word put in from Barry. Nothing is officially confirmed yet, though. Stay tuned. Could be an interesting day for Nebraska fans, and really people who want to see a strong AD at Nebraska. Also, I want to point out how awesome my reporting skills are today. Reports say this is the best way to break news.


Looks like this is real folks. The move was announced by both schools officially and Eichorst will start on October 9th.