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Where We Be And What We Be Drinkin', Week 6

Where We Be And What We Be Drinkin', Week 6

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With conference play underway, byes are starting to come in to play. Purdue and Michigan have already had one, Iowa and Minnesota have one this week, and let's face it: bye weeks stink. Once you get into football season, you have rituals, and bye weeks screw up those rituals. You're lost, you're not sure what to do

In other words, you're a typical Big XII defensive coordinator.

Fortunately, there's only one bye per season, and then it's back to normal. If your team is on bye this week, hang in there. To help you get through it, we give you some recommendations on places to go and things to drink:


babaoreally: I shall be in West Lafayette watching two teams who are both winless and lossless in conference play.

Graham Filler: This weekend, I will be catching those noon B1G games and then driving to go see THE DETROIT TIGERS IN THE PLAYOFFS AND THEIR TRIPLE CROWN WINNER!@#!!!

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I again hope to be drinking Carlsberg early in the day; there's a great spot in Royal Oak with that on tap.

I assume the ballpark will have some Labatt Blue. I will be calling Jon for Nebraska-OSU updates around the 5th inning.

Bama Hawkeye: I'll be attending a Southern belle's wedding on Saturday night. She was smart enough to schedule it on the Saturday that her fiancée's and her alma mater (Alabama) was on bye. The fact that Iowa also shares this bye week is serendipity. [ED Note: Now THAT is good use of a bye week] I may catch the first half of some of the 11 AM games, but that's likely to be about it. As a friend often has as his hashtag: #stopfallweddings.

Chad Bell: Speaking of fall weddings, I'll be hopping in the car to drive to Union Pier, Michigan after the Northwestern-Penn State came concludes to DJ a wedding, [ED NOTE: I am beginning to doubt Chad's Northwestern credentials. Weekend side jobs and no chauffeur? What the hell is going on here?] which should be a pretty fun time (hey, I'm still gonna be able to watch the Northwestern game on TV, so I'm good with this fall wedding, at least).

Given that I'll be driving between Chicago and Union Pier (and likely returning at 11 pm or after), I'm taking it easy on the drinking front during this week's games.....maybe a beer or two during the Northwestern game, and probably some champagne to toast the married couple, but otherwise I will abstain for the safety of my fellow drivers on the Skyway....

MN Wildcat: I'll be working until noon (I hate these damn once-a-month Saturday shifts) with an eye on GameTracker the whole time, driving home, and drinking alone in my living room while nervously watching Northwestern take on Penn State. What will I drink? Probably some Schell's Oktoberfest. Later, it's off to Eau Claire, WI, to spend an evening with some friends, drinking God-only-knows what and visiting the fine establishments of Water Street.

Hilary Lee: I'm going to be back in Chicago and will be alternating college football and 312 with some carpentry. Somebody ordered a custom hallway table out of reclaimed wood from my store, so I got to get a move on in building that shit.

Jesse Collins: Well, I'll be chilling at home this weekend eating whatever warm and delicious foods I can think of. It's getting cold again, so it's time to break out the comfort foods. I'm really excited, though. Should be a full day of big games, and I'll probably hole myself up in my TV Room on Saturday night and try not to go crazy whatever happens against Ohio State. Drinks? Depends on the outcome. I'll either clear the freezer out with friends in celebration or defeat...

Mike Jones: There's no Iowa football this weekend. So uh...screw this weekend. PEACE.

Ted Glover: My wife is in Germany for two weeks visiting the two oldest daughters, so I've got the place to myself. I have to put another coat of stain on the deck, which was not anticipated and therefore sucks, but I will be assisted by the Jacob Leinenjugel brewing company, which doesn't suck. I'll probably miss the early games doing that, but when that's over, I'm going to head to the thriving downtown of O'Fallon, IL and check out the Pork festival that's going on. After that, I'm going to come home, catch the rest of the afternoon games, and watch OSU-Nebraska.

MSUlaxer27: Alas. In my role as the Executive Director of a nonprofit I will be engaged in my duties and unable to watch either the battle for the Brass Spitoon or any other games. I'm sure everyone else will get to see PSU on TV for the sixth week in a row.

OTE Randy: We will be hosting some Penn State alumnus at our apartment to watch the game and do some Homecoming-in-spirit celebrating. It is pretty strange that I had to buy the sports package to watch my Super Bowl Champion New York Giants in DC but Penn State has been on basic cable every week. The spread is still up in the air at this point, but spinach & artichoke dip and buffalo chicken sandwiches will definitely be featured and washed down by tall cold Budweisers. I'll also be taking some notes to roll out my first Penn State article of the season next week... #betterlatethannever?

Brian: I'll be homebound (or hotel bound, more specifically) in San Francisco this weekend watching Michigan play Purdue in what looks like a test for the Wolverines. Like Graham, I'll also be tuning into watch Justin Verlander pitch the playoff opener in Detroit (hope to be at games 3-5 in Oakland) and may find time to catch some of the OSU-Nebraska game. The only game time decision will be whether to enjoy the game (as much as I can enjoy a game that's certain to include several jump balls heaved up by various Michigan QBs and RBs) from my room or venture out to watch it with several dozen other Wolverine faithful at the Wolverine-friendly Blarney Stone.

JDMill: I'll be at home in southeast Minnesota and I will be checking in frequently on Northwestern/PSU between raking the 7 bazillion leaves from the three trees in my yard that fell since I mowed on Tuesday. I will take more Miller Lite breaks than is reasonable. If all goes well I will have all of the leaves raked, into the back of my pickup and dropped off at the county compost site in enough time to get home, plop down into the La-Z-Boy and start flipping between Ill/Wis, Mich/Purdue, LSU/Florida and nodding off for a nap. I will be out with friends on Saturday evening, and will be on the lookout for some Alaskan Amber, which I thoroughly enjoyed at the Gunflint Tavern in Grand Marais, MN last weekend. While out I will be near whatever TV's are available keeping a close watch on Nebraska/OSU.