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Across The Empire: Your Saturday Early Games Open Thread

Jamie Sabau - Getty Images

Week two of conference play gets underway, but for Michigan and Purdue, it will be their first conference game each, and Minnesota and Iowa are on byes this week.

Who hates byes? We hate byes.

In the Empire today, it's a quasi-Statement Saturday. The aforementioned Wolverines and Boilermakers are in a relatively big game for it being early. A convincing win by Michigan and everyone starts to get off their back, I would think. For Purdue, well, a win against Michigan makes them the odds on favorite for the Leaders division, plain and simple. It would be a huge win for Danny Hope.

Ohio State once again finds itself in the marquee game of the week as Nebraska comes to town to play under the lights at Ohio Stadium. OSU looks to carry the momentum from last weeks big win in East Lansing. A win by Nebraska and I think they leapfrog Michigan and MSU for Legends Division favorite.

And is Northwestern a contender or pretender? We'll know by mid-afternoon. Penn State has played much better since they went 0-2, and this is a tall order for the Wildcats. Penn State is becoming a good football team under Bill O'Brien, and Northwestern will need to bring their A game if they're going to walk out of Happy Valley...happy.

In the rest of the conference, MSU will have Indiana crying uncle by the end of the third quarter and should have no problem keeping the Old Bras Spittoon, and If Wisconsin loses to ILOLinois, Bret Bielema should be fired before the plane gets back to Madison.

There are some other great games going on around college football today as well. For the exact time and channel of your game, click here to find out.

Remember the rules: Nothing illegal in way of porn or links to illegal Internet streams. And don't be a penile implant, either. Other than that, have at it.