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Across The Empire: Your Saturday Open Game Thread

Three weeks left, still lots of meaningful football to be played.


With only three weeks of the regular season left, we still have a lot of meaningful football to be played in the B1G. Jesse did a great job of breaking down each team's chances to make the conference championship, and depending on how things fall, we'll know a lot more about who goes to Indianapolis today.

In the Legends, Northwestern has to beat Michigan to stay alive in the division title race, but even then Nebraska is still in the driver's seat. Purdue and Iowa are playing to stay alive for Detroit, at best, and if Minnesota beats Illinois, they'll be bowl eligible. Pretty impressive turn around if that happens.

And Wisconsin goes to Bloomington to face Indiana in the most improbable Leaders division showdown ever. Look, don't take this the wrong way, but I want Wisconsin to put an end to this 'Indiana to the B1G Championship' talk in the worst way. Although some of you would think it's poetic for Indiana to make it to the Rose Bowl because of the crappy year the B1G has had, I wouldn't. Bowl eligible? Sure, that would be a great story for the Hoosiers, as it would be Minnesota. But not the freakin' Rose Bowl.

I will blame Gene Smith if that happens.

Your games in the B1G for today, enjoy:

Time (CST) Network Visitor Home
11:00 ESPN Northwestern Michigan
11:00 BTN Purdue Iowa
11:00 ESPN2 Wisconsin Indiana
2:30 BTN Minnesota Illinois
2:30 ABC/ESPN2 Penn State Nebraska