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Sunday Morning Coming Down

Wisconsin clinched a repeat trip to Indy. Nebraska is still in the driver's seat for the Legends Division crown, and Penn St. thinks they got jobbed. Illinois is still terrible, but Minnesota no longer is. Iowa might be the most disappointing team in the conference. Purdue still has bowl hopes, but Indiana no longer has CCG hopes. Let's talk about it.

Eric Francis

On to the recaps:

  • Northwestern 31 at Michigan 38 OT: Northwestern converted a 4th and 1 with about 3 minutes left and a 3 point lead. The Cats couldn't quite run out the clock though, and Devin Gardner completed a 53-yard pass to Roy Roundtree to set up a field goal with just seconds remaining. The field goal was good (obviously) and Northwestern couldn't match Michigan's TD in overtime. It's another blown lead for Northwestern, and Michigan still has a shot at winning the conference.
  • Wisconsin 62 at Indiana 14: The Hoosiers never really had a chance in this one, as the Badgers ran as if there was no defense at all. Their 564 rushing yards broke both the Wisconsin school record and the Memorial Stadium record (by over 100 yards). Indiana, while being much improved from last season, showed that they still have a ways to go. The Badgers clinched a spot in the Conference Championship Game.
  • Purdue 27 at Iowa 24: Freshman Paul Griggs made a 46-yard field goal as time expired to give the Boilers their first win in Iowa City since 1992. With about a minute left, the Hawkeyes moved the ball to the Purdue 35. On a 4th and 3, Iowa completed a one-yard pass and turned it over with 18 seconds left. Robert Marve ran for around 20 yards and then completed a pass to set up the game winner. Does this win mean that Purdue isn't that bad? No, it means that Iowa is awful.
  • Minnesota 17 at Illinois 3: There are a lot of bad teams in the conference this year, but Illinois takes the cake. The Gophers kept them out of the end zone, and the Illini now sit at an embarrassing 2-8 (0-6). The Gophers won their sixth game, which makes them bowl eligible by outscoring Illinois 14-0 in the second half. So congratulations to the Gopher fans and deepest sympathy for the Illini fans.
  • Penn St. 23 at Nebraska 32: A very controversial replay non-overturn of a fumble at the goal line by Penn St. was the turning point of this game. A touchdown there would have given Penn St. the lead back, but it wasn't to be, and Nebraska held on for the win. PSU took an early 20-6 lead, but like many Husker opponents this season, couldn't hold on to it.
  • Ohio St. and Michigan St. didn't win or lose because they didn't have to play this week.