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Where We Be And What We Be Drinkin', Week 12

Where are you and what are your adult beverages of choice as the B1G season draws closer to Championship Saturday?

It's the second to the last weekend in B1G country, and our staff runs the gauntlet from apathy to white hot rage in terms of what's going to happen tomorrow:

Ted: I'll be in lovely suburban St. Louis, watching whatever suits my fancy early on, and then the afternoon showdown between OSU and those cheese eating bastards from Wisconsin. As a sign of protest, I will boycott Leinenkugel's on that day, and I will drink a local St. Louis brew, Schlafly Pale Ale.

And I hope Urban Meyer skullfucks Bret Bielema. In the ear. With a pick axe. Thrice.

Jesse: Another weekend on my couch. These games have been stressing me out, so I will be drinking some sort of concoction of Antacid and Blood Pressure medication. I will be grilling something delicious though to take advantage of the last vestiges of warmth. Partly cloudy and high 50s! I'll take it.

MN WIldcat: I will be on the couch, enjoying some kind of beer, most likely an iteration of Great Lakes. Not sure if I'm ready for their porter yet, but we'll have to see how the spirit moves me!

Bleach will most likely be the drink of choice if we're leading heading into the fourth quarter.

Hilary: I'll also be getting comfy in my living room. I will drink beer, and I will bake pies.


Mike: PIES FTW. I'll be getting ready for my housewarming party, then watch the worst offense in the nation laugh themselves off the field at the Big House. I'll probably try a new Founders but if I can't find a new one to my liking I'll fall back on Dirty Bastard.

Chad: I'll be sitting on the couch, at my apartment in Chicago, watching the first three quarters of the Cats' game against Michigan State with a bunch of my friends and eating homemade chili. Why the first three quarters? Because then I'll be happy the rest of the weekend, since fourth quarters this season generally cause me to want to put my head in an oven, Emily Dickinson-style.

As for what we'll drink, I know bourbon/whiskey will be involved (have some great Kinnickinnic Whiskey from Great Lakes Distillery, an EXCELLENT distillery located right in the heart of Milwaukee), and I'll probably pick up some beer -- maybe some Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, or perhaps some Fat Tire (plus I know we have leftover cheap tailgate beer -- someone "gifted" us with Budweiser -- from past weeks we can drink).

And since next week is Illini Week, we'll also probably spend some time making fun of Tim Beckman, because when you make Ron Zook look like a good coach, that's comedy.

Graham: Don't ask for change for a dollar from a Northwestern football team, because they'll never give you four quarters...Recycled an old Lebron joke there...

Where will you be, and what will you be drinking this week?