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Across The Empire: Your Saturday Early Games Thread

Lots of action in college football today. Follow it here


We're down to two games left in the B1G season--where has the time gone? Jesse has done a phenomenal job over the last few weeks breaking down the division races, and his latest installment is right here, but the bottom line is that if Michigan loses and Nebraska wins, your division championship is set. First, your B1G game grid:

Game Time (CST) TV Network Visiting Team Home Team
11:00 BTN Indiana Penn State
11:00 ESPN Iowa Michigan
11:00 ESPN 2 Northwestern Michigan State
2:30 BTN Minnesota Nebraska
2:30 ABC/ESPN 2 Ohio State Wisconsin
2:30 BTN Purdue Illinois

Or conversely, if Michigan wins and Nebraska loses, now Michigan control's their own destiny in the Legends division, and next week's Ohio State game will be for all the hype.

Northwestern has lost three conference games they could, and should have, won. They don't want to make it four against Michigan State. They should win this game, but Sparty needs a win to become bowl eligible, so they'll come out ready to play.

Something something Purdue and Ilolinois...wait, that's not fair to Purdue. Left for roadkill after the Wisconsin game, if they win out against Illinois and indiana, they're going to a bowl. That's impressive considering where they were at a few weeks ago, but after what was expected, I'm not sure if it saves Danny Hope's job.

The big matchup in the Leaders is Wisconsin and Ohio State. This has developed into a pretty intense rivalry over the last decade or so, and Bret Bielema turned it up to an 11 when he called out Urban Meyer and his perfectly legal recruiting techniques early into the Meyer tenure. I don't think Meyer has forgotten, and I hope by the end of the day Bielema regrets ever saying anything.

You guys know the rules--no porn, Illegal Internet streaming of games, and don't be a toolbox to each other. Other than that, enjoy the games!