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Rutgers Officially Official; Boston College and Virginia On The Horizon?

Marc Morehouse of the Cedar Rapids Gazette speculates as much


So Maryland and Rutgers are officially members of the B1G, but if Marc Morehouse's speculation on the Twitters is correct, we might have to find a new name and mascot for the Blog of Northern Aggression, as Boston College and...wait for it...WAIT FOR IT...Virginia, the heart of the old Confederacy, could be on Jim Delany's radar.

The Maryland/Rutgers move feels like one of two things: A panic to counter the SEC going to 14 and/or Notre Dame aligning but not really with the ACC, or a strategic stepping stone to 16 teams, which is where most people thought we'd end up when Realignmentpalooza began with Nebraska awhile back.

Now, one thing we know is that Capitalism never sleeps, and from a pure money move, this is smart. When Jim Delany mentions 'changing demographics', he might as well be talking about Virginia. The amount of money to be made for the BTN on the Eastern seaboard seems insane, depending on what report you believe, so from a pure financial standpoint, yeah it makes sense. It also weakens the ACC quite a bit, and that will most assuredly start another round of conference musical chairs.

Keep in mind, Morehouse is just speculating here, and maybe he's doing it to just stir up some conversation. But if the end game is 16, who would the next remaining teams be?

As for me, this sucks. Nothing against Rutgers and Maryland, but this realignment is now bordering on the ludicrous. The only thing that makes sense to me, if we're going to keep raiding the ACC, is to get North Carolina and Duke. Then the B1G has the most attractive football and basketball rivalries in college sports, and you still nail down the 'changing demographics' by expanding further south.

Thoughts, please, because I'm to this point: