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Your Black Friday Open Thread

If you went out to get some great deals, unwind with OTE and college football. If you stayed in to avoid the crowds, avoid them with us.


Happy day after Thanksgiving. Hope yours was a good one, and that the triptophan has worn off. The great thing about the day after Thanksgiving is all the awesome leftovers in the fridge, and college football.

We've got a 10 game college schedule, and one of the B1G's newest traditions headlines today's action. Nerbaska and Iowa square off at 11:00 CST for Corn Aid, live from Iowa City. Although it might look like Lincoln East, if the Nebby fan base travels like they usually do.

You can find the rest of the TV schedule here. Feel free to enjoy today's games with us, or talk about expansion, whatever. Just remember the rules: No porn, no illegal Internet streams of games, and don't be a tool box.

Enjoy the games everyone!