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Sunday Morning Coming Down

It's not morning anymore, but that's okay. This is the place to discuss yesterday's games.

Gregory Shamus

I spent yesterday sitting in the stands watching without emotion as Purdue was pounded for the third straight time at Ross-Ade (and for the fourth time out of five conference games), so please excuse the depressive nature of this post. Anyway, let's talk about yesterday's games.

  • Michigan 35 at Minnesota 13: In the only early game, the Wolverines took care of business with Denard Robinson on the bench. Brady Hoke said that he would play this week, but he was either lying or Robinson's recovery didn't proceed as expected. Either way, Devin Gardner accounted for 3 TDs and Michigan's defense kept the Gophers in check.
  • Illinois 22 at Ohio St. 52: The Buckeyes opened this one up in the second quarter in the blowout that everyone expected this game to be. OSU is now 6-0 in conference play and Illinois is 0-5.
  • Penn St. 34 at Purdue 9: Much like the Illibuck game, this unfolded exactly as expected. After the Boilers got a field goal on the opening drive, the Nittany Lion defense kept them from scoring until the last play of the game. Purdue's D kept it within reason for a little while, but the game was pretty much over when PSU scored their first TD.
  • Nebraska 28 at Michigan St. 24: I didn't watch this game, but it seems it would have been the most interesting one to see. I saw that some MSU fans were not happy with some of the calls in this game. The first paragraph of the AP recap references a questionable pass interference call, so their complaints are probably justified. Taylor Martinez threw three interceptions, but ran for over 200 yards and threw the winning touchdown pass with 6 seconds left.
  • Iowa 21 at Indiana 24: The past few weeks Iowa has been playing a lot more like the team that lost to Central Michigan and not the team that beat MSU. As for Indiana, next week's game against Wisconsin is huge. The Hoosiers have taken care of business the past two weeks against their fellow "I" teams and can take control of the Leaders division with a win over the Badgers.
  • Wisconsin and Northwestern were the lucky ones that had the week off.