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Sparty's Fate

Close losses, no answers. Onto 2013...

Gregory Shamus

"This will be the year that strengthens Michigan State for a strong 2013 run."

Do you believe that quote? Do you believe that dropping from the #12 team in the nation to an unranked 5 loss team has a silver lining?

I could actually be talked into the silver lining argument. Returning starters, veteran quarterback, possible new offensive coordinator, lots of chips on shoulders, great defensive unit (again). That all sounds like a recipe for success.

But for now, for this year, Sparty gets to be the most disappointing B1G team. Sparty gets to live with the most perturbed, pissed off, occasionally apathetic fanbase. Sparty gets to be on the wrong side of so many close contests.

That's just Sparty's fate in 2012.

Notes on Saturday's game...

Almost 20 penalties. Ridiculous. And let's not mention the close PI calls or the absolute incorrect late hit call that gave MSU a touchdown on the same drive. It was the perfect storm of bad officiating and close calls. Nothing can be done, so let's not waste our time whining.

Low completion percentage from Maxwell, again. Early in the season, we saw that these back shoulder throws and tight end seam routes weren't working. So what is Michigan State still trying to do? The same damn thing. Which leads me to a thought -

I assume that Dan Roushar is gone? I assume that because donors and fans alike will be calling for offensive improvement and what better way to show a commitment to that by firing the OC who was in over his head throughout the year.

As far as drama and backandforth nature, this may have been the best B1G game of the year. It was an incredibly aggressive game with drama and controversy. Thoughts?