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Where We Be And What We Be Drinkin', Week 11

Where will you be watching the games, and what will you be drinking?


Ted: It's the bye week for Ohio State, so I'm pretty much at the mercy of my wife on Saturday. She's been pretty good about letting me watch games and write about them this year, so giving up one Saturday in front of the TV won't kill me. Probably. Maybe.

Hilary: I'll be in Ann Arbor on Saturday, hitting up the Big House and hoping for a miracle victory of Northwestern over Michigan...

Chad: Me and my Northwestern fan crew will be invading Burke's at 5401 N Broadway Ave. Chicago, IL 60640 to watch Northwestern extend its Big House winning streak. Northwestern fans and Michigan fans in Chicago are welcome to join us....they have great food, an excellent beer selection, and since the owner knows we're coming he's stocking up on excellent bourbon (we'll likely be sipping Basil Hayden or Maker's Mark 46).

Graham: Couch. New Glarus.

Jesse: I'll be on the couch for this week avoiding the rain and cold that will drop temps from 70 at kickoff to 30 by game end. Not sure what I'm drinking... Probably Red Bull. Yup, definitely Red Bull.

Brian Gillis: I'll be in beautiful Ann Arbor for the Michigan/Northwestern game, hoping to see some sunshine ... and a healthy Denard Robinson.

Mike Jones: I'll be in Des Moines watching from my house. Unless we're up by an insurmountable lead at half (aka 10 points) I have yard work to finish.

Cory: I'll be either on my couch or visiting friends in Eau Claire, WI, trying to find one TV in that godforsaken state that isn't turned to the Sanctions Division Championship. Beer of choice will be anything that makes Denard Robinson look slower or convinces me that Northwestern can win the Rose Bowl this year. I don't know if a beer exists for either. Maybe in enough quantity. If I manage to make it into St. Paul tomorrow night, beer of choice will be a pumpkin beer, Mummy Train Pumpkin Ale from Flat Earth Brewery (seriously, check it out). Go 'Cats!