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It's 2012-2013 Bowlapalooza Word Association Time!

Go NW. Please. Do it for the kids.


The 2011-2012 Word Association piece was a big hit last year. So we brought it back and trust me, there are some classics below. Make sure to do your own thoughts/hashtags in the comment section.

Things we learned? Northwestern better win and we'll all be shocked if Nebraska holds UGA under 100 points.


Meineke Car Care Bowl: Minnesota v. TTU

Brian Gillis: Tough Big 12 match-up for the Gophers.

Ted Glover: Minnesota happy to be in a bowl. It will make the ass kicking they'll get easier to swallow.

C.E. Bell: Extra practice helps Minnesota's 3 QBs, but Tuberville will find a way to bore the Gophers into submission.

Hilary Lee: At least it's not Detroit

Mike Jones: Revenge. Maybe Minnesota could exact some revenge against Texas Tech for the game that cost Glen Mason his job. Or they could blow a 40 point lead in the 4th quarter and lose again. Either, or.

Babaoreally: Gophers blow a huge lead and fire Kill.

MSULAxer27: Keen Arc Race

MNWildcat: How did Northwestern lose to Texas fucking Tech in 2011?

Jesse Collins: Regardless of outcome, the extra month of practice for Goldy is priceless.

Bama Hawkeye: No lead is safe, nor likely, for Gophers.

Graham: #killitwithbowlapperance


Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl: MSU v. TCU

Brian Gillis: Not quite the BCS Championship Game that Sparty was eying back in September.

Ted Glover: MSU will hold TCU to 13 points. Unfortunately, the MSU offense will score negative points, somehow.

C.E. Bell: I can haz defense?!?

Hilary Lee: Sometimes, several losses is a good thing, right?

Mike Jones: Christians v. Convicts? Does that work? No? Oh, well, who cares. Someone get Gary Patterson's fat ass a belt.

Babaoreally: Another close loss.

MSULAxer27: Fab Foul will Sing

MNWildcat: Yawwwwn.

Jesse Collins: I'm just waiting for all of the, 'setting offensive football back a century,' comments. Of course, they're all fair.

Bama Hawkeye: Actually like Sparty's chances.

Graham: #fromBCStoBW3s


Heart of Dallas Bowl: Purdue v. OSU

Brian Gillis: Tougher Big 12 match-up for the Boliers. I'll take the over - whatever it is.

Ted Glover: 'So other than that, how was Dallas, Mrs. Kennedy?' Replace Kennedy with whoever the name of Purdue's interim coach is.

C.E. Bell: Since they're playing an OSU, expect Purdue to play very well.

Hilary Lee: Is it too late to go to Detroit?

Mike Jones: Track meet. Spread meets spread. The game should take 5 hours between all the incomplete passes and ACL injuries.

Babaoreally: Extreme pessimism.

MSULAxer27: Alas! Fold Earth!

MNWildcat: Does Purdue's interim HC have a mustache?

Jesse Collins: I love watching Hope coached teams on a months break... Oh wait...

Bama Hawkeye: The score will be uglier than whatever the Pokes wear.

Graham: #playswellagainstOSU?


Gator Bowl: NW v. Miss St.

Brian Gillis: Pulling for the Purple to get off the scnhneid.

Ted Glover: Northwestern goes oh-fer half a century plus.

C.E. Bell: CLANGA-CLANGA-CLANGA meets Armani. Never thought I'd say it, but the B1G's best chance at a win involves Northwestern. Mississippi State has beaten ONE bowl-eligible team (Middle Tennessee State) all season....and yet is favored by 2 points. Grab Northwestern and the points (Northwestern is 11-1 vs. the spread this season), and be thankful you're not a Northwestern fan on New Year's Day, being treated to the incessant noise of cowbells coming out of their NYE hangover.

Hilary Lee: Go for the eyes, boo, go for the eyes!

Mike Jones: Loss. You know why.

Babaoreally: Inevitable NU bowl loss.

MSULAxer27: Another year

MNWildcat: How will we screw this one up?

Jesse Collins: If the bowl loss streak isn't ended here, then it's pretty much hopeless for Northwestern.

Bama Hawkeye: Death, taxes, and a Northwestern bowl loss.

Graham: #gocats#firsttime


Capital One Bowl: UGA v. Nebraska

Brian Gillis: The Black Shirts look to hold Georgia under 70.

Ted Glover: Wisconsin just scored again.

C.E. Bell: Two running backs that ran over one of the best defenses in the country versus whatever the hell Nebraska's defense is. Pretend this game is not happening.

Hilary Lee: Doomed. Doomed, I say.

Mike Jones: Redemption. Nebraska has an opportunity to show that they aren't a paper tiger in a terrible conference. Georgia has an opportunity to show that they're better than the Capital One Bowl (they aren't).

Babaoreally: Huskers bounce back and hold Georgia to only 55.

MSULAxer27: No Lace Pita

MNWildcat: The Delany's Chosen Team Bowl

Jesse Collins: I suppose it can't get much worst for the Huskers, can it?

Bama Hawkeye: You can't spell Pellllini without four Ls. Here comes loss number 4.

Graham: #lessthan70


Outback Bowl: Michigan v. South Carolina

Brian Gillis: Al Borges the key for Michigan to avoid a five-loss season. Hoping Denard goes out on a high note.

Ted Glover: Michigan hasn't beaten a good team all year. 2013 starts off where 2012 left off.

C.E. Bell: Gardner/Shoelace vs. Clowney and the SC D-line is one of the best matchups in any bowl. I'm actually expecting South Carolina to get throttled, for some reason (South Carolina didn't play Texas A&M, which means they haven't faced a single QB all season with the athleticism of Gardner/Shoelace).

Hilary Lee: Also known as the disappointment bowl

Mike Jones: September. Because that's the last time we thought these teams were really good.

Babaoreally: I wish I could take this bowl out back and shoot it.

MSULAxer27: FatBack Visor

MNWildcat: Winnable?

Jesse Collins: Sneaky fun game and a chance to give Gardner, Shoelace, and the entire Michigan offense time to scheme.

Bama Hawkeye: Shhhhhh...Michigan could win this one.

Graham: #goblue


Rose Bowl: Wisconsin v. Stanford

Brian Gillis: So many questions. Did the Badgers save any cheap shots for the Cardinal, or did they exhaust all of them on Taylor Martinez in the Big Ten Title Game? Back-to-back-to-back Rose Bowl losses for Bret Bielema?

Ted Glover: The card says you're getting smoked, Biels, Alvarez.

C.E. Bell: Halftime entertainment to be provided by Smashmouth, in honor of the style of this game. HEY WISCONSIN, YOU'RE THE WORST ROSE BOWL PARTICIPANT IN DECADES, GET YOUR GAME ON, GET PAID!

Hilary Lee: At least it's not Oregon.

Mike Jones: A New Year's Tradition: Wisconsin loses the Rose Bowl.

MSULAxer27: Head over Heart

MNWildcat: Power O. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Jesse Collins: Is it bad that I am basically hoping Stanford destroys Wisconsin? Blame whoever dove at Martinez's knee late in a blowout. Karma sucks man...

Bama Hawkeye: 70 on Nebraska. Anything else is gravy.

Graham: #throwbackbowl#alvarez


Orange Bowl: NIU v. FSU

Brian Gillis: Pulling hard for NIU for Herbstreit's sake.

Ted Glover: The MAC has as many teams in the BCS as the B1G. I hate college football this year.

C.E. Bell: A team Iowa beat is in a BCS bowl. Laugh hysterically.

Hilary Lee: Well, okay then.

Mike Jones: ZZZZZZZZZ. Snort, what?

Babaoreally: MAC it up!

MSULAxer27: Trail of Tears


Jesse Collins: What will be worst: Fans from Non-BCS schools if NIU wins or FSU fans in general regardless of outcome? I'm still leaning FSU.

Bama Hawkeye: 5 of last 6 years Hawkeyes have beaten a BCS team. Only exception, they still beat 11-1 2010 MSU.

Graham: #proveyoubelong


Sugar Bowl: Louisville v. Florida

Brian Gillis: Brutal.

Ted Glover: Go Louisville

C.E. Bell: A nation yawns.

Hilary Lee: Louisville lives up to its new conference by losing a major bowl game

Mike Jones: Strong. Charlie Strong takes on his own team. Should be interesting.

Babaoreally: Think of how good Teddy Bridgewater would be with two good legs.

MSULAxer27: Job Interview

MNWildcat: Yawn.

Jesse Collins: Really, Louisville is just really happy to be here. Also, that QB who gutted out that victory over Rutgers is the man.

Bama Hawkeye: Yawn.

Graham: #zzz


Fiesta Bowl: Oregon v. KSU

Brian Gillis: What could have been.

Ted Glover: ADHD meets Vampirism. I'll take the hopped up kid in the daylight.

C.E. Bell: Great matchup between old-school Bill Snyder and new-school Chip Kelly......expect the Ducks to destroy K-State, though.

Hilary Lee: Damnit K-State

Mike Jones: Scoreless. Everyone's assuming this game will be high scoring. I think it will be scoreless after the first quarter.

Babaoreally: Old Man Snyder is one of the best ever.

MSULAxer27: Wild and Ugly

MNWildcat: If Baylor can score 40+ on K-State...

Jesse Collins: Tired storyline 1,462,999: Bill Snyder plays old man football and Chip Kelly doesn't.

Bama Hawkeye: Nobody really thinks that K-State can win this, right?

Graham: #lovethis


BCS Championship / GAME OF THE CENTURYYYYYYY: Alabama v. ND

Brian Gillis: ‘Bama. That said, has an undefeated team ever gotten as much grief as ND has gotten this year?

Ted Glover: Give Me a Meteor. In the ass. Thrice.

C.E. Bell: Also known as the night I find something else to do besides watch college football.

Hilary Lee: No, seriously. Damn you K-State.

Mike Jones: Meteor. Because that's who I'm rooting for.

Babaoreally: Roll Tide.

MSULAxer27: Mayan Calender please!

MNWildcat: Meteor.

Jesse Collins: God, I hope the Mayans were right.

Bama Hawkeye: I think Beano Cook is controlling heaven's remote control.

Graham: #morepainfultowatchthantheYouTubecommentsectionofa2Chainzvideo