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Why Not Celebrate 12-12-12 B1G Style?

So today is not really a holiday or a special day or anything other than a cool looking calendar day. Of course, that's not stopping a ridiculous amount of weddings, numerologists recommending to people to buy lots of things, and lots of twitter hate. It also is a good vehicle for looking back at the season and think about the bowls. To celebrate this last chance at cool calendar dates (last triplet until 01.01.2101), here is the 12-12-12 B1G Style Summary. 12 teams, 12 words. You might not like what I came up with, but you try to do better with 12 words... Well, you probably can, but work with me. We're still a ways away from the bowl games.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE



Tim Beckman destroys all hope. I guess Illinois doesn't get nice things.


For two weeks the Hoosier faithful almost forgot about basketball. That's remarkable.

Ohio State

Undefeated. Division Champs. Also playing in the same bowl as Illinois. Queso.

Penn State

New coach makes Moxie look good. This BOB guy knows his stuff.


Even without ACL's, Marve is fantastic. Still doesn't save the Mustache's job.


Third place division champion. Doesn't matter though, still hanging out in Pasadena.



Horizontal Offense. Vandenberg Meltdown. Bend and break defense. AIRBHG. Ferentz gets bonus.


An injury away from the Rose Bowl? Bellamy was a bad choice.

Michigan State

Why you no like offense Sparty? Is Roushar the Legends' defensive MVP?


Going bowling and making strides. Just need to get a defense now.


Because they needed a meme... I think Wisconin just scored another touchdown.


A few plays away from a magical season. Needs some secondary improvements.